What is a Mercedes-Benz AMG®

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AMG® is the performance division of Mercedes-Benz and it consists of skilled craftsmen, designers, and engineers. AMG® has a “one man-one engine” philosophy. Each engine in the Mercedes-Benz 45, 63, and 65 models are handcrafted by a highly trained master engineer. Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher built AMG® to be dedicated to developing and testing racing engines for Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz uses the most innovative technology to create biturbo engines that are more powerful and efficient than other engines.


Mercedes-Benz of Orland Park, Chicago, has various Mercedes-Benz AMG® vehicles and our knowledgeable staff can tell you more about the unique vehicles and all they have to offer.


Here is an innovative Mercedes-Benz AMG® engine that can be found at our Chicago dealership, Mercedes-Benz of Orland Park.


What is a Mercedes-Benz AMG


Available Mercedes-Benz AMG® Engines in ChicagoG?


AMG® 2.0 L inline 4 turbo in Chicago

2.0 L inline 4 Turbo is the most powerful engine of its kind that is available in the AMG® CLA 45 and AMG® GLA 45.

Mercedes-AMG® 3.0L V6 biturbo

The 3.0L V6 biturbo engine features large turbochargers and sophisticated AMG® software. Some of the vehicles that come equipped with this engine are: the AMG® C 43 Sedan, C 43 Coupe, C 43 Cabriolet, AMG® E43 sedan, AMG® GLC 43 SUV, AMG® GLC 43 Coupe, and AMG® GLE 43 Roadster.

AMG® 3.0L V6 biturbo in Chicago

The 4.0L V8 dry sump biturbo is the world’s first sports car engine with turbos inside the V of the engine. The AMG® GT, AMG® GT S, AMG® GT C Coupe, AMG® GT Roadster, and the AMG® GT C Roadster offer this type of engine.

AMG® 4.0L V8 dry sump biturbo in Chicago

The 4.0L V8 Biturbo has optimum responsiveness and low emissions that can be found inside of the AMG® C 63 Coupe, S 63 Sedan,  C 63 S Sedan, AMG® GT R, AMG® C 63 S Cabriolet, AMG® C 63 S Coupe, AMG® C 63 Sedan, AMG® C 63 S Sedan, AMG® C 63 Cabriolet, AMG® GLC 63 Coupe, AMG® GLC 63 S Coupe, and AMG® GLC 63 SUV.

Mercedes-AMG® 5.5L V8 Biturbo | Chicago

The 5.5L V8 Biturbo engine combines spray-guided direct injection, turbocharging, and ECO start/stop system. The vehicles that carry this kind of engine include: the AMG® CLS 63 S Coupe, S 63 Coupe, GLE 63 S. Coupe, E 63 wagon, GLE 63 SUV, GLE 63 S SUV, GLS 63 SUV, AMG® S 63 Cabriolet, and the AMG® SL 63 Roadster. If you are looking for an even larger engine.

Mercedes-AMG® 6.0L V12 Biturbo | Chicago

The 6.0L V12 Biturbo engine comes in the AMG® S 65 sedan, AMG® S 65 Coupe, AMG® S 65 Cabriolet, AMG® G 65 SUV, and the AMG® SL 65 Roadster.

The table below outlines each AMG® Engine along with some corresponding models and performance characteristics:

AMG® Engine Horsepower by 0 to 60 MPH in Chicago

Engine Horsepower 0 to 60 MPH
Mercedes-AMG® CLA 45 Coupe 2.0 L inline-4 Turbo 375 Horsepower 4.1 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® C 43 Coupe 3.0L V6 Biturbo 362 Horsepower 4.6 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® C 63 S Coupe 4.0L V8 Biturbo 503 Horsepower 3.8 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® S 65 Coupe 6.0 L V12 Biturbo 621 Horsepower 4 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® GT Coupe 4.0 L V8 Biturbo 469 Horsepower 3.9 seconds
Mercedes-AMG®  GT S Coupe 4.0L V8 Biturbo 515  Horsepower 3.7 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® GT C Coupe 4.0L V8 Biturbo 550 Horsepower 3.6 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® GT R Coupe 4.0 V8 Biturbo 577 Horsepower 3.5 seconds
Mercedes-AMG® CLS 63 S Coupe 5.5L V8 Biturbo 577 Horsepower 3.5 seconds


Mercedes-Benz of Orland Park, Chicago, has various Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles

Feel the power of the Biturbo Engine by visiting Mercedes-Benz of Orland Park, Chicago, today or exploring our website to find the perfect Mercedes-AMG® that suits your style!

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